On Tuesday, the researchers of the University of Texas reported that they have developed a vaccine, which could provide protection to the body for attacking the plaques and tangles of Alzheimer’s before they manage to shut the brain down. They wish to start testing the vaccines in human beings very soon. The new vaccine of theirs for the very first time has managed to target both plaques as well as tau, which contain amyloid. The shot makes use of DNA from the proteins of Alzheimer’s to teach the immune system, how to fight these compounds and thus keep them away from getting accumulated in the brain. Researchers believe that their new vaccine could cut the number of dementia cases to half.

This new vaccine is administered to inject it in a superficial manner inside the skin. The skin cells getting injected then go on to make a three-molecule chain containing beta-amyloid. Then the body responds through the production of antibodies that help to avoid the build of tau as well as amyloid. The prime motive is to keep the level of amyloid low if one wishes to avoid the disease of Alzheimer’s. Researchers are carrying out a project known as The Brain Microbiome Project. Through this, they are looking out for the most common type of germs found in the brain to try and determine which one finally lead to the problem. Now, with this information, they also wish to develop therapies not only to prevent but also for treating the disease.

Scientist all over America is going to a great extent for developing treatment procedures for dementia. A report suggests that, as of January 2018, there were as many as 112 agents in the pipeline for treating the problem of Alzheimer’s disease. Out of these, disease-modifying therapies make up 63%, the symptomatic cognitive enhancers are 22% in number and 12 % of them are symptomatic agents, who are addressing neuropsychiatric along with behavioral changes. The Federal Law needs that all clinical trials that are conducted in the United States should be registered on the website. For this year, the pipeline for developing the drug of Alzheimer’s disease is larger than what it was last year.

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