We all know that Amazon has been trying to shift their offices in east coast side and there has been a search of best location from Amazon’s team to pick the best city for their second headquarter, but as per the latest WSJ reports, it seems like Amazon has picked two cities to locate their second headquarters. Last week Amazon asked for the proposal from various cities so that they can choose their favorite city to locate its HQ2 and as per the reports, more than 238 cities submitted their proposals.  However, Amazon picked only two of them, and it seems like we all are going to see Amazon’s new office in Long island city and Crystal city.

While choosing these two cities, Amazon has considered lots of factors, and it was a hard choice for them.  According to the Wall Street Journal’s report which says that Amazon is planning to split it’s 50000 employees into these two offices, and it hopes that this new change will bring more efficiency and productivity among its employees as they will not have to face the heavy traffic and many other significant problems, which were impacting on their work.

Even if Amazon is celebrating its new headquarters location, some people are not feeling well because of this decision and these people are the residents of the respective cities.  Because according to them coming of more people into their locality is not good for them and that’s true because whenever things like this happen, we have seen a significant increase in the rent of that locality.  Due to that Long island community requested Amazon to pay the “Gentrification Tax” on behalf of their employees to maintain the same economic level between the residents and Amazon employees. It will be interesting to see how Amazon is going to convince local residents who are not pleased by the decision of Amazon, but till then we hope this new change will bring some good things for both Amazon and residents of the respective cities.

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