Dolby has been putting a lot of efforts from recent years to come back into the market, but since the competition has been tremendously at its peak in headphone industry, it has been hard for them to compete with other companies. Recently, Dolby launched a perfect wireless headphone which is making some noise among gadget lovers. We all know that over-ear headphone industry is already getting dominated by big companies like Bose and Sony who provides excellent quality of headphones, but here, Dolby has also tried their best to enter this market by launching their new wireless headphone called Dimension, which has got some exciting and unique features.

Comfort quality and price of the headphone are two factors, which are very important for an average person who wants to buy a decent headphone and so far the reviews of this headphone are excellent. When you are using a wireless headphone, the only thing which will bother you most will be its low battery performance because no one likes to own a headphone, which has an inferior battery performance. However, this will not be happening if you purchase Dolby Dimension because you can use this headphone continuously for more than 10 hours and it takes only 2 hours to get fully charged. Another important thing about this headphone is that you will be getting it at just $599, which is quite cheap as compared to other products.

If you are a type of person who likes to enjoy music without getting disturbed, then you can use active noise canceling feature of this headphone, which will allow you to listen to your preferred songs without getting bothered from outside noise. Dolby is trying their best to make a comeback into the headphone industry, and with this latest release of on-ear headphone it seems like Dolby is getting into some action, but still they will have to launch more such high-quality products if they want to beat companies like Bose and Sony who are currently more famous among headphone users.

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