Mental Illness is the one thing that most of the people suffer from, but we are not comfortable to talk about it. However, yesterday a top YouTuber Lilly Singh famous as “Superwoman” officially said that she is going to take a break from making YouTube videos for some time because she is not feeling mentally well. Lilly Singh who is famous for her funny videos on YouTube and who has more than 14 million followers decided to take a break from making videos on YouTube until she gets back into a good mental situation. After this announcement of taking a break from her YouTube channel many of her fans on twitter supported her decision and wished her a great comeback.

Sometimes due to workload, people get into tension, and that leads them to depression, and nowadays things like these are getting common among various YouTubers who have gained millions of followers who always have to perform better to please their fans. Youtubers are those creative minds whose work requires more mental energy along with physical one, and it’s that type of work which seems easy to do, but needs lots of efforts and due to various reasons some YouTubers recently left the platform for some time to restore their mental and physical health.

Lilly Singh posted a video on her channel in which she mentioned those people who had to leave YouTube because of the same reason as she is going and many people now are considering this issue as severe one. This incident tells a lot about the ultra-usage of social media platforms many people use on a daily basis and how that’s negatively affecting on people’s mental health, which is causing severe depression.

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