“Sorry, something went wrong, we are working on it, and we will get it fixed as soon as we can” if you saw this message yesterday while trying to login into Facebook then do not worry because you were not the only one who was facing this problem. Facebook has officially given a statement today that it was down for half an hour yesterday and the reason behind this was due to the “routine test” performed by Facebook.

We all are addictive to the social media, and nowadays it has become an integral part of our life because every day we check Facebook for more than ten times and while doing that, many people must have found something strange about the site because it was down for some minutes. Usually, we do not see a tech giant like Facebook’s website getting down and when things like this happen people get curious about it, and that’s what happened yesterday. When Facebook was down for more than half an hour, lots of its users went to Twitter and Reddit. There were lots of jokes and memes shared online regarding the downfall of Facebook’s website, and this thing was trending yesterday on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The impact of Facebook’s down was not that much great on its subsidiary websites because WhatsApp and Instagram were working fine, but some users said that they were facing some technical issues while using Facebook messenger. However, the company’s official statement is still vague because it is still unclear whether this routine test was preplanned or not and if it was then what went wrong. Still, we hope that things like this will not happen to the users of the biggest social media company and even if it does we are pretty much sure it will get resolved more quickly.

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