The Founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos have been in the headlines during this week. This was after the company made an announcement that they will officially launch their stores in Queens, New York as well as in Crystal City, Virginia. The news cropped up after numerous weeks of speculation. Some people of New York protested about this decision, thereby condemning Bezos during the anti-Amazon rally in Long Island City. Surprisingly, the show Saturday Night Live had a totally different approach to it. Their host made use of the opportunity to theorize why exactly the organization has finally decided to split their second headquarters between the two particular locations. Steve Carell, the host concluded by saying that the company’s CEO Jeff Bezos only wanted to troll the US President Donald Trump.

Steve Carell primarily highlighted the revolt against the 2nd Headquarters of Amazon and the backlash regarding the use of the taxpayers’ money to provide a subsidy to a company that is already rich. Steve donned the hat of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos through a sketch and went on to target Trump and the President’s prior attacks on the company. In the form of Jeff Bezos, Steve Carell said that he went on to choose the locations as they seemed to be perfect for growing business. Of course, it was not just to make the President think how the Amazon CEO is 100 times richer than he is.

Carell even referred to Trump and migrant caravan fixation of GOP in an apparent manner, going towards the midterm elections. The host of Saturday Night Live even said in the form of Bezos that he was there to announce about Amazon Caravan, the brand new option for delivery. He, in an attempt to troll The President once again said that any kind of package going to any building of Trump would get delivered by hundreds of immigrants from Honduras and Mexico. The new version of Jeff Bezos played by Steve Carell said that the new Amazon Caravan will come up with a warning. It will charge extra amount to ship the book of Trump called, The Art of the Deal.

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