Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently gave its management an order that every employee of Facebook should use an android phone instead of iPhone. Many speculations are going on right now in the tech industry behind this decision of Mark Zuckerberg to order its employees to use the Android device over iPhone. However, many believe that the reason behind this act of mark is Tim Cook. Yes, if you do not know then Tim Cook in an interview to a news channel stated that Apple cares more about a person’s privacy and the company believes that they care more about their user’s privacy than any other big companies. This statement regarding data security came from Tim Cook during Facebook – Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal, which recently diminished Facebook’s goodwill very severely.

According to many experts, it’s true that Mark Zuckerberg gave an order to its management that they should use the Android device and not iPhones. We are still waiting for the official statement from Facebook regarding this matter, but if things happened because of Tim Cook’s comments on Facebook’s data sharing policy, then this might be a beginning of another tech giants rivalry. However, things like these are not new. Back in 2015, Facebook chief product officer ordered his employees to use the android device to see how the company’s service is going on those devices.

When things like this happen, it indicates no matter what, there’s always going to be serious competition between tech giants. We will have to wait to get the official statement from Facebook regarding this matter to see whether this recent change in their policy is because of the Tim Cook’s statement or not. During this whole situation if there’s one company who is happy because of this incident then it will be Google and events like this is what a company needs to see their best products getting marketed without any efforts and we hope something good will come out of this decision for Facebook.

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