Everyone loves to watch movies online and nowadays we all know which company is dominating the streaming business and that is Netflix. If you are interested in watching online films or web series, then this tech giant company has brought good news for you. According to the latest reports it has been observed that Netflix is going to launch a new plan only for the mobile-based users at half of the current standard rate. There are various businesses which compete with the large companies to sustain in the industry, but Netflix is that company which is enjoying almost monopoly over the online streaming business, and that is the reason to increase more of their subscribers. Netflix is trying to launch another cheaper plan.

Netflix has been increasing their market share from last few years, and that is the reason they have started to invest lots of money in the Asian and European market, and they are also producing regional movies and TV series. With this new plan, a user will be able to enjoy Netflix for a mere $4 only, which is half of the standard rate, but this plan is just for mobile users. While launching this plan, Netflix officially said that “We always like to find some ways through which we can make our platform more enjoyable.” This new plan is made explicitly for those regions where most of the peoples still cannot afford Netflix, and that is the Asian market.

Netflix is trying to understand its user behavior, but it is still unclear whether this new plan will be for all or not. Netflix has already started the testing of this new plan in the south Asian market, but the same has not been done in the US. Many tech experts believe that Netflix is not in the mood to lower their subscription prices in the US and as per the recent survey many Netflix users have said that they will not hesitate to pay more for the content right now, which they are getting from Netflix. So it will be interesting to see how Netflix is going to manage various regions.

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