Users of Windows 10 have been facing a series of problems since the release of the October 2018 update. Some users who went for the update on the 2nd or 3rd of October reported serious data loss. Some of them lost data saved on hard disk partitions other than the one that holds the operating system, which is bewildering. Eventually, the update was rolled back and reinstated on the 13th of November. In a blog post, John Cable, Director of Program Management, Windows Servicing and Delivery, stated that most of the issues were resolved and that the update is being reinstated after extensive internal validation and feedback from Windows Insiders.

Now Microsoft has issued a warning that a new cumulative update (KB4467708) is creating a problem for the Windows Media Player on some PCs using Windows 10 version 1809: the seek bar is not accessible. Not every user faces the problem. Though the issue is nothing on a big scale like data loss, it is still an irritant. Anyway, Microsoft has announced that the issue will be fixed soon. Yet, coming one after another, such issues might affect user trust and confidence sooner or later.  The list of issues mentioned in a post on the release of the update on the 13th of November is a long one. The situation is not a heartening one.

Also, there are issues like users finding their Windows 10 Pro licenses deactivated for no apparent reason. Though the company promised that the problem will be solved automatically, it is still worrisome. Michael Fortin, Corporate VP for Windows said in a post that even a multi-element detection process may miss out some issues as the OS is large, diverse and complex. However, when there is a glitch, Microsoft tries to minimize the damage by responding quickly and informing the users of the issues, he added. Analysts point out that the company must listen to the reports of Windows Insiders more thoroughly. For instance, the file deletion bug was identified by some of them and duly reported during the testing phase. It turns out that they were not paid proper attention.

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