Google is undoubtedly one of the best search engines in the world. That’s why it is used by millions of people globally, but recently some shopping websites in Europe has accused Google of not showing proper results for shopping services. European Union (EU) regulations have always been strict on the tech giant because in last year Google had to pay more than 2.42 billion Euros for showing their shopping services on a search engine to eliminate other rivals. This time more than 14 online retailers are accusing Google of the same crime which they did in the past. According to the rival retailers, the search-engine is manipulating the search result due to which their business is getting affected.

Since Google is used by several Europeans, EU commissions are getting worried about its increasing monopoly over the search engine market. Even this year, EU has already fined Google for $5 billion dollars. The company, these days, is facing a lot of problem from EU regulations because the regulatory authorities are worried about their dominance in the European market. This is what causes the challenges for the big tech companies like Google as there’re several small companies who think that they’re getting out of the business just because of Google. It is said that Google uses some unfair practices to succeed and EU competition commission has already found some cases on the same.

The rivals of Google have officially written a letter to the competition commissioner Margrethe regarding the same issue in which they said that the tech company shows the shopping services in a manner which is beneficial to the company only. Even after European Union commission imposed such a hefty amount of penalty, the search engine giant hasn’t changed anything regarding it. In the meanwhile, a spokesperson from the EU stated that they’re carefully looking at the problem. While on the other hand, Google made an official statement declining all the accusations and said that they’ve complied with every rule. However, they’re waiting for the European Competition Commission’s final decision.

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