The social media platforms of Facebook and Instagram have got hit by severe outages. Users present on both the popular social media platforms have not managed to load the applications and hence not been able to access their accounts. The outage, which has taken place world over, has affected users in the US, UK, Europe and also in some parts of Australia and South Africa. Some users also came across the crash on their Facebook Messenger all around the world last evening. There, the users from Europe have been the hardest hit. This outage on a worldwide basis has left users only coming across a message saying service unavailable. Users of Instagram were not able to use the website service but the application seemed to function quite normally.

Last evening saw a large conglomerate of Facebook getting hit with yet another technical issue with the crash of their Messenger. Around 49 percent of the users reported that they were not able to connect to the server on Monday afternoon. Many of them even indicated that they were facing problems in receiving messages while others mentioned that they could not log in to their accounts at all. The application seemed to have crashed just after 3 pm (ET). The users of Messenger in Europe got badly affected by the problem on Monday afternoon, with most of the reports coming through from places like the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Poland and Denmark.

The United States was also not left behind in this global problem. Users in the region were severely affected by maximum problems cropping up in the West Coast. Just a week ago, users of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all around the world suffered a complete blackout for almost an hour after the sites crashed in the early part of 12th November. All those who made an attempt to access the site in their desktops came across a message that said, sorry something had gone wrong. On the other hand, mobile users were not able to refresh the News Feed.

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