For the past one month or so, we have come across quite a number of rumors hovering around the potential launch of Pixel 3 Lite phone. It is a much cheaper and even a less powerful version of the flagship phone from Google. Now, yet another image has cropped up on the website, which features the one in the mid-range. The picture claims to showcase the new Pixel 3 Lite. As per reports, the forthcoming phone lying in the mid-range segment has got a slightly larger display of 5.56 inches. It also has a relatively taller aspect ratio of 18.5:9.

The Pixel 3 Lite is supposed to make use of a slower processor than the Pixel 3 phones. They have brought up a Snapdragon 670 and it is also being tipped to use the same 12.2MP back-facing camera. So, this would allow people to get some really outstanding shots from it. There are some sample shots, which have already got leaked and that just showed off the phone’s capability to take photos. Still, the phone will not have a camera carrying a dual-lens. This means that those who are in the habit of taking selfies of large groups will no longer be able to take group selfies in wide angle with this particular model.

The unofficial launch of Pixel 3 Lite has already happened through the leaked pictures online. As of now, all the leaked images of the phone have come from Russia. The leaks tend to match up with the kind of leaks people came across ahead of launch for Pixel 3 as well as for Pixel 3 XL. Now, if Google really wants to tighten up the noose on the rumors and leaks going around before the official of the appearance of the hardware for Pixel 4 in 2019, their operations in Russia will definitely be a good place to get started off. There is still no confirmation from Google’s end whether this is indeed the actual device and if it is indeed so, where will the device be up for sale.

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