There are essentially two kinds of ages, which people have. One is a chronological age, which refers to the age that a calendar says about an individual. The other one is a biological or phenotypic age. This is the age at which one’s body tends to function, with regard to its comparison against a person’s average level of fitness. A professor named Morgan Levine from Yale Medical School said that people, who are of exactly same chronological age are not at all at the same risk for coming up with problems related to heart or get plagued with cancer or even of losing their lives. On the other hand, according to the professor, biological age manages to give people a better idea of where someone exactly stands as per their age.

There is another professor named, David Sinclair. He is also a co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School, who said that chronological age is now about how old people really are. He made a point that each and every one of us are biologically at completely different rates as per our genes, the food we consume, the kind of exercise we indulge ourselves into and the types of toxins we get exposed to. It is the biological age, which determines our health and finally our span of life. The usual belief is that people, whose biological age is lower than their chronological age, tend to have a lower mortality risk.

Professor Morgan Levin is carrying out her work with a group. Through this, she wants to provide access to an online algorithm, where she has entered her personal details related to diet, health status, and kind of exercises she gets involved in. Accessing it online will help anyone to calculate their biological age, get to know the potential risks and take the necessary steps for helping their health in the long run. Levin believes that people can still get themselves engaged in society if the emergence of the diseases and problems related to cognitive and physical functionalities can be delayed to some extent. She believes it to be an ideal thing that one should look for.

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